About CarAll llc

CarAll llc is a car dealership in VA, specializing in rebuilder vehicles, operating as a VA Rebuilder.
Most of the inventory at Carall has been acquired and professionally rebuilt due to minor accident not involving major structural damage
or due to natural disaster such as hail or wind storm damage.
We also purchase theft recoveries and acquire only low mileage salvage vehicles, not older 7 years.
Carall does not acquire flood vehicles if only by a customer request. We have a good experience in flood vehicles.
As a result, we are able to sell these vehicles at a fraction of the cost compared to other dealerships.
Carall is willing to stand behind these salvage vehicles no matter damage.
Even if the warranty is expired we can help our customers to get their cars back on the road at the lowest possible cost.
Check the website frequently for our inventory lists. We have deals on fresh vehicles that can't be found elsewhere.
We are sure to be the most budget friendly option in Virginia and even wider area.

CarAll has been in existence since march 2016.
The owner and operator of CarAll llc has been in automotive business since 2002 and he has years of experience in vehicle repairs in Europe and US.
Areas of experience include: body, mechanical, electronics and recently the PDR technology (Paintless Dent Repair).
The objective of CarAll llc is to help people to acquire a fresh late model vehicle for less.

To find out more you can read Things To Know page.