2012 Kia Soul + (Plus)

USD 6,400
KIA Soul
Year: 2012
Mileage: 48k

VA Rebuilt Title KNDJT2A62C7473419

The car has been rebuilt professionally back to manufacture condition.

Damage Type:
Right Front Collision (pic1, pic2)

Parts Replaced:
Front bumper cover (new CAPA)
Washer fluid reservoir (new)
Front bumper reinforcement (new)
Radiator support (new)
A/C line (new OEM)
New serpentine belt

Parts Repaired, Repainted:
Right frame rail end repaired (bent)
The front end has been measured on a frame machine to match manufacturer specifications
Front bumper cover (painted)

Vehicle ID: 5
Vehicle type: Crossover
Condition: Rebuilt
Price type: Negotiable
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Fwd
Number of cylinders: 3
Fuel type: Gas
Number of doors: 5
Number of seats: 5
Engine type: 2.0l
Exterior colors: Silver
Interior colors: Black
Feature: Power windows Power steering Multiwheel Cruise control Air conditioning CD Central locking Airbag Immobilizer Halogen headlights ABS
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