2008 Toyota Prius pkg 5 - 786625

USD 3,400
Year: 2008
Mileage: 198k

Clear title JTDKB20U587786625

HV Battery serviced at 197k miles by Carall llc
Prius high-voltage (HV) battery service illustration video
5000 miles warranty on HV battery

Brand new front tires

New HID bulbs (D4R: Philips 42406)

New engine oil with Toyota oil filter

Pre-purchase inspection by your own mechanic is no problem

Vehicle ID: 50
Condition: Clear
Price type: Negotiable
Drive type: Fwd
Number of cylinders: 4
Fuel type: Hybrid
Engine type: 1.5l
Exterior colors: Blue (8S2)
Interior colors: Beige
Exterior extras: Back-up camera
Dashboard options: Navigation
Feature: Climate control On-board computer Power windows Power steering Heated mirrors Multiwheel Cruise control CD R-camera GPS MP3 Immobilizer ABS Fog lights Central locking Airbag Xenon headlights
Vehicle History: Download Free Carfax
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