2007 Toyota Prius - 262647

USD 4,400
Year: 2007
Mileage: 121k

Clear title JTDKB20U673262647

HV Battery reconditioned at 120k miles.
We provide 5000 miles warranty for HV battery we service.
5000 miles is enough to test the condition of the HV battery.

Pre-purchase inspection by your own mechanic is no problem.

Vehicle ID: 67
Condition: Clear
Price type: Negotiable
Number of cylinders: 4
Fuel type: Hybrid
Engine type: 1.5l
Exterior colors: Gray (1G3)
Interior colors: Gray
Feature: On-board computer Power windows Power steering Multiwheel Cruise control Air conditioning Climate control Central locking Airbag Immobilizer Halogen headlights ABS
Vehicle History: Download Free Carfax
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