2007 Toyota Prius

USD 4,400
Year: 2007
Mileage: 106k

Clear VA title JTDKB20U277565451

One owner

This vehicle has been serviced at Toyota service center during all its life.

HV Battery reconditioned at 105k miles.
We provide 5000 miles warranty for HV battery we service.

Pre-purchase inspection by your own mechanic is no problem.

*** We will issue temporary 30-day tags. During these 30 days you have to schedule an appointment at the DMV, for your regular metal plates. ***

Vehicle ID: 75
Vehicle type: Hatchback
Condition: Clear
Engine type: 1.5l
Feature: Power steering Multiwheel Cruise control Air conditioning Climate control On-board computer Power windows CD Acoustics R-camera ABS
Vehicle History: Download Free Carfax
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